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Recent Updates  

Private Coaching - Failed this cycle PRT? I am now offering private coaching for the next PRT/PFA cycle.

Skip a PRT Cycle - New rules just came out that allow Sailors to skip one PRT Cycle per year

Body Fat Standards -  Navy Body Fat Standards as per NAVADMIN 061/16

Navy NOFFS workout plans -- Download the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling (NOFFS) series

Download OPNAV 6110.1J -- Download the  Current PRT Instruction (OPNAV 6110.1J)

New Navy Physical Fitness Test

Navy Culture of Fitness Rhumb Lines

Five Quick Fix Running Mistakes -- Don't start your run off on the wrong foot! Quickly fix the most common
errors that slow runners down.

Fueled or Fooled -- The dangers of Energy Drinks

10 Rules to Excel on your next PRT

Navy Fitness Test Standards  

Male PRT Standards --   Male PRT Standards

Female PRT Standards --  Female PRT Standards

Male Height/Weight Standards -- Current Height and Weight Requirements

Female Height/Weight Standards -- Current Height and Weight Requirements

Body Fat Standards -- Current PFA Body Fat Standards

Navy Fitness Test Resources  

Navy PRT Training -- Download Official Navy PRT Training Plan

Heart Rate -- Recommended Heart Rate for both Elliptical and Running

EOD/SEAL PT Training Plan  -- Physical Fitness Guidance on resources for those wishing to be SEALs or
Bomb Techs
Navy Physical Fitness Test