The Complete Online Resource For the 2017 Navy Physical Fitness Test
3 Steps to take now if you Failed the Navy PRT

1) Convince your command you are serious about staying in the Navy. This is the
most critical step you can take. In the days after your PFA failure your command
will be looking hard at your performance and your

2) Convince yourself that you are serious about getting in shape. Convincing
yourself that you are serious about getting in shape is even harder than convincing
others. While it may be easy to fake it to others, you can’t fake it to yourself. This is
an area where I can help. I offer fitness coaching, and guarantee that you will pass
your next PFAs. My rates are the cheapest you will find anywhere and so far none
of my clients have failed the PFA. If you pay today we can start working together

3) Recognize that if you fail the next Navy fitness test that you will be processed for
administrative separation. As NAVADMIN 178-15 “ A sailor who fails two PFA
cycles in the latest three year period shall be processed for administrative
separation.” This is very clear guidance for any PFA failure and unlike in the past
there is not a process for commands to submit waivers. Therefore; if you fail one
PFA you need to pass the next SIX PFAs if you hope to keep your job in the Navy.
Three Steps to take if you failed
your PRT