Training Plan
The Complete Online Resource for PRT/PFA  Information
and Your Physical Training Needs
SEALs and EOD Techs are qualified in diving, parachuting, and are experts at
combat swimming, navigation, demolitions, weapons, and many other skills. In
addition to the maritime environment, they also train in the desert, the jungle, in cold
weather, and in urban surroundings.

Due to liability reasons, the US Navy cannot provide a workout program for you. If
being a SEAL or EOD Tech is your goal, then with the resources available (i.e.,
books, videos, etc.), you should be able to achieve the highest fitness level possible
to prepare you for the rigors of BUD/S or Dive school and EOD School. Your training
should prepare you to pass the Physical Screening Test with ease.  

The official SEAL web site is:
The official EOD web site is : EOD.navy.mil

The book which I used when training for BUD/s and finally attending dive school and
EOD school was LT Stew Smith's "Get Fit Now."   LT Smith is now retired from the
Navy and runs a fitness center in Annapolis MD.

Competitive PST scores

500 yard swim  10:00 min
Push-up  79
Sit- ups  79
Pull-ups  11 (dead hang)
1.5 miles  10:20